I’m probably not, but it sounds specious to say that adventure is trying something to see just what might turn out; well, that’s largely what art-making is.

Too simple? Perhaps.

The complex part is that this art - is experience in you, rather than representation.

Adventure and experience are beyond beyond ‘surface’, thought the two are largely in the mind together. Mine and yours. so..

Let us play. Can I mention Rilke re: sustaining emotion amidst aridity writ large , sans fake joy, and even less noire?

Get that and you have me.

Art here is from my work in architecture.   (see further discussion in a later section within, entitled “Ideas, Intentions, Methods & Results”) Our work is in NJ, Pennsylvania, California, even Tennessee. Our accomplishments have received early recognition from the National Endowment for the Arts.

I’m in Mendham, NJ,  with Elise Dann, a forensic architect, an artist from birth. I’m in my gardens deep & in garden design more. I play traditional music on stringed and wind instruments. I am alone, or very occasionally with an assistant in a purposely complicated studio-landscape,

How to read. Art-Inventions mirror deep longings honestly, more than post-hoc “language-performances” about “art making” (i.e writing about what one has done well after the hot entitlement-thrill of the actual event.) If true .. art -making eventually is well understood as cultural breathing (with a thrumming background chill zone of mortality-induced discernment.)

Let the images speak for themselves. If I can..

Breathing, painting builds on its own vulnerable ‘risk-everything’ premise. Offering what ? a nearly unjustified invitation to others, emerging from almost nothing, offering all! Here done by way of a constellation of rumative-wombat mood-peculiar colors, palio-haunted patterns, archeology-inflected shapes, and a few irascible interventions that I can’t explain even to myself.

Works emerge from an unavoidable gloaming -or glare - not named, not explained, in a succession of emblems evincing a commitment to live well, enacting a personal determination to Make Home in the prevailing conditions we have. In this world I am alone, yea! with countless committed artists, healers, and activists the world over. Call that a “community of “saints”? Why not?

Isn’t it true that most if not ALL art-appreciating viewers would likely NOT care much about ART….let alone love Art- unless they had somehow learned from others that such a thing was possible, a true source of intellectual & emotional wellbeing?

So Share.

Art here is about laboring to make my own nether mind well known to myself, and then may it be available to you -if possible. Think maple syrup making: intuition into notion / idea into outlook / feeling into image / stray moments into life-as-deep dwelling.

Art here is a winter tree making of home in the world, amidst a cloud of witnesses like you -caring, who notice, taking the life herein, your life & their own quite seriously in the best way.



Brian playing the harp.jpg