Here I am, flipping-on a light or an emotion. In you.

Art here came from my work as an architect.   Our work is in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and Tennessee. Our accomplishments have received early recognition from the National Endowment for the Arts.

I live in Mendham, NJ,  with Elise Dann,  a forensic architect, an artist from birth. I like gardens & garden design. I love traditional music on stringed and wind instruments. I work alone, or occasionally with assistants. In a complicated studio-landscape.

Art-Inventions mirror secret longings honestly, more than post-hoc “language-performances” about same. Though, now, I set out across a swinging rope bridge high above a yawning chasm of my own making: A love -in the visual arts- builds its own image -and worthy invitation to others- from almost nothing (save history!) by a lived-in constellation of peculiar colors, and a haunting community of shapes, arrangements, and irascible treatments.

A compelling work emerges from an unavoidable gloaming -or glare - not named, not explained. Another in a succession of emblems of resilience. Enacting a personal determination to Make Home in rugged conditions. And, honestly, I am alone, together with countless committed artists the word over. Is it not true that many -if not most viewers- wouldn’t care about art….let alone love art- unless they’d somehow heard that… such a thing was possible.

If the art here is about anything specific it is about myselfin the process of making my own depths known to myself : intuition into notion / idea into outlook / feeling into image / stray moments into life-as-deep dwelling.

Making art is making home in the world, amidst a cloud of witnesses who notice, taking yours and their own lives seriously.



Brian playing the harp.jpg