"A good poem leaves you feeling more human".      - anon. / overheard         - - -


--- likewise with a good painting or sculpture. Here are few idea-driven, idea-layered paintings (with jokes), in oil & mixed media, followed by sculpture in selected found materials,  presenting landscape-Inscape & architecture-inflected images and objects in a broad, graphic, textured palette, in a full range of colors and dimensions  --  reflecting a personal view of a  hopeful though scarcely justifiable image-language sensitivity. This presumptive notion enables my rethinking of personal & cultural challenges, I'd call them art-enabled-reassessments of chaos,  spontaneity, and the possibility of inward order.  My WorkLife is --painting as a visually connective evocative enterprise AND a personal shape-language world, with advanced and primitive forces from various perception levels that meet each other in diplomacy & battle.  Painting is that conversation between thought and feeling,  an instrument of self creation & reckoning; personal, ruminative, & invitational.  Noticing my own (often sadly intermittent) alertness brings about intimacy and reflection moment to moment.   At  once, a painter is both the story and the clueless listener, "seeing" or self-deludedly conjuring new 'evidence' of a private, deeper Life.   Immanence: a painting unfolds;  reason and arguments are assembled, affinities are noticed ...and then are personally elected / acted on;  previous thresholds of aesthetic insight & courage are breached, alienation is temporarily diminished.   Insights and ideas take the form of marks, shapes, colors and arrangements. Self-unity -however inexplicable- is the origin and endpoint of the work, which is to convey an evolving world within myself. as a contribution to our shared world.

From an immersive (though sometimes speciously 'research-oriented') studio practice  -- a personal iconography has emerged: thought figurations in two and three dimensions that convey a robust interpretation of aesthetic attention & intention.    Aggregating compelling elements of a complex structural presence, the GEO-Figuration that undergirds these compositions concerns what?   open strength and endurance.  By way of foxy color, decisive internal density,  scale & proportion, these images illuminate a wayward yet determined  ArtLife engagement in pressing visual detail.  Well beyond the unavoidable doubt & ambiguity that lends a bristling frisson to the graphic & spatial field of each painting, this art is a inquiry about a presumptively collaborative meaning-creation narrative with the committed viewer --  it is a non-churchy call & response relationship. 'At Best' an urgent personal domain of optimism and contribution when taken together-  my ImageWorld invites extended looking -outward & inward-  in the same extended moment of self discernment and longing.